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Welcome to Finney's Park Home Sales
What makes Finney's Park Homes so special are their locations. With four parks set in attractive, accessible surroundings its as much about the lifestyle as the homes themselves. the Parks offer the peace of mind that goes with living alongside like-minded people.

Regency model home

The well equipped and spacious Regency home by Omar, available through Finney's Park Home Sales.

Parks develop a sense of community spirit, residents often get together and because many are retired there's always someone around to keep an eye on things.

Deene Home by Tingdene

The Deene home by Tingdene, available through Finney's Park Home Sales.

Regency Lounge and Dining Area

The Regency home by Omar, lounge looking through to the dining room.

Dolben kitchen by Tingdene

The Dolben Home kitchen by Tingdene.

Regency Kitchen

The Regency home by Omar, kitchen offers plenty of storage space.

Regency Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of the Regency home by Omar,

Downsizing to a park home will in most cases will free up equity, in addition council tax will fall under the lowest band (A) and fuel bills often reduce significantly. Modern building techniques mean low maintenance, up-to-date fittings and quality after care service is available from specialist providers.

Regency en-suite

The en-suite of the Regency home by Omar.

Villa lounge

The lounge of the Villa home by Tingdene.

The beautiful kitchen of the Addington home by Tingdene,


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